Foodservice Solutions

Foodservice Solutions

A Revolution in Taste and Innovation

Beloved in Italy for over 50 years, Giovanni Rana now brings its love and passion
for authentic Italian pastas and sauces to the U.S.

“What comes from the hands must come from the heart.”

-Giovanni Rana, Master Pastamaker

The Finest Ingredients from Around the World

We use authentic DOP products imported from Italy, like Genovese Basil and Parmigiano Reggiano.

Flour, eggs, vegetables and meats are sourced from the best locations in the world to produce these ingredients.

Thinner Pasta...More Flavor

Our thin pasta, with a delicate bite, is less heavy and brings out the flavors of the fillings.

Inside our thin pasta you find a higher percentage of filling, and large pieces of our premium ingredients.

Thinner pasta also means shorter cooking time.

Sauces That Taste Homemade

Prepared the way you would prepare them in your kitchen.

Mild heat treatment to maintain the fresh taste and texture of the ingredients.

Giovanni Rana - A Long Established Leader

#1 Filled Pasta in Italy.

Master pastamaker for over 50 years in Verona, Italy.